The "Beauty Life" is a Greek company which is active in the field of natural cosmetics and wellness products. Since 2001, we've been represent companies high in organic value under inovvative and strict hygiene protocols, enviromental friendly methods and with a sense of responsibility at the maintance of natural resources and the stability of nature.

Our mission is to offer at the Greek customers, products which includes in their core all the wisdom of nature and at the same time they show respect opposite to environment, animals and humans. We are targeting to meet all the needs of our customers, clients and workers.

Our values are supported in the credibility and the assurance of the products we offer, at the consistency and responsibility we bulid and in the honesty in our communication. All the products, comes with international credibilities from independent carriers and organizations for prime materials, produce procedures, stages before and after packaging as the high quality, transparency and consistency.

The "Beauty Life" consists of, the exclusive respresentative in Greece

  • since 2002 of Lavera Naturkosmetik
  • since 2008 of Primavera life 
  • since 2010 of Natracare
  • since 2010 of benecos

in the meantime we include brands like Ayluna,We love the planet, Laboratoires de Biarritz, Forrest & Love, 7elements Natural Goods, the ΑΟΤ(All Organic Treasures) and recently since 2020 we welcomed to our family the GRN_Shades of Nature Cosmetics

Our headquartes located in the industrial area of Serres, wherein supper innovated establishments of 1.600 square meters. In a combination of, our new mechanical gear, the importance of the geographical position of the area, the effective team and the previous company's establishment, contributes in the succesfull service of our clients.

The "Beauty Life" has more than 900 POS (point of sales) all around Greece. Also, we serve wholesale clients in Romania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia and Cyprus.

Our family at "Beauty Life" composed of a dynamic team of humans who defend the values of our brands and always try to offer the best result to our clients.

Our Team behind Beauty Life

Every person in our team is a devoted member at their project and put effort, fantasy and potential in their mission.


Manager Director


Logistics & Sales Manager


Marketing Manager & Social Media Specialist


Make up Expert